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Developed over 50 years ago by Trenwa - precast concrete trench is our specialty.
With three modern, strategically located plants, we are the country's leading
producer of durable, precast trench systems in the broadest range of types and sizes.
We also manufacture Utility and Security products that supplement our trench systems.
You can count on Trenwa for high quality and on time deliveries.

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Trenwa News...

Composite Polymer Lid

Jan 2015 - Our new Composite Polymer Pedestrian lids are the most durable lids available for pedestrian rated trench. Lightweight and tough means safety and ease of access are maximized. These field proven lids will exceed your expectations and provide very long service life. See our product page for more information or ask us for a sample.

QR code

March 2014 - We are now transitioning to QR codes on our products and packing lists. When scanned on a smart phone or tablet the QR code will display a drawing of the part if it is a stock part, or on job specific parts it will display layout and detail drawings. One can view installation drawings on a tablet right in the field! Look for these to appear on weather proof labels on our products and at the top of our packing lists.

We are excited to provide this technology to our customers.

Multi-mountMay 2013 - Trenwa announces integration partnership with Underground Devices!

Trenwa is now a reseller and integrator of cable racking and management systems manufactured by Underground Devices. We are excited to be able to provide this high quality, value added equipment with our trench solutions. This is the best way to manage, organize and protect cables inside our trenches by mounting them on the trench wall, off the floor and out of the way!

See our cable management page for more information or contact our sales department for assistance.

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