Trench Products

Trenwa is the originator of precast concrete trench and offers the most extensive line of proven trench designs.

Easy Access for future maintenance or expansion. Flexible, wide range of sizes for any layout.
More Economical than poured-in-place trenches or duct banks. Corrosion Protection for piping.
More Durable than light weight fiber trenches. Leak Containment for fuel or chemical piping.

One Piece Pedestrian Trench One Piece Medium Vehicle Trench H10 Trench HS20 Trench

Utility Products

In addition to our main line of trench products we also manufacture Utility Vaults, Boxes & Pads..

Pull/Splice Boxes Transformer Pads Transformer Box Vista Vaults

Safety & Security Products

We now offer a line of perimeter safety and security products.

Security BarrierGuard Posts

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